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May 29, 2011 - Punahou Sophomore Feeds 10,000!

August 29, 2010 - Finding Nemo
Stein Curt Dustin Flavia Win In the real life version of the story Nemo Komar could not be found. The last minute cancellation left Stein Metzger, Dustin Chun and Flavia Brakling short a player this past Saturday for the Duke Kahanomoku 4 Person Draw. Fortunately for team Metzger, Curt Vaughan graciously agreed to fill in, allowing the team to compete. Normally a setter, Curt was pressed into the role of the team's primary attacker. The team got stronger with each match, eventually going undefeated to win the tournament. Of course having 3 time national champion and former beach olympian, Stein setting didn't hurt. That combined with some key kills from Dustin, stellar defense from Flavia, and great team chemistry made team Metzger an unstoppable juggernaut by the end of the tournament. They defeated the 2nd place team of Justin Harris, Jeff Hall, Troy Hotz and Nadica Karleusa by a score of 11-1 in the final match.
Complete tournament results are up.

July 26, 2010 - July Tournaments Conclude
Scottie Kupono Win Will Kelsey
BOYS U16 - July 24th
1st - Scottie Peros / Kupono Fey
2nd - Nick Luna / Jon Lum
MEN'S OPEN - July 24th
1st - Tony Ching / Dan Fisher
2nd - Trevor Crabb / Taylor Crabb
GIRLS U13 - July 18th
1st - Anna Uhr / Kaylen Higa
2nd - Kennedy Poligratis / Kiani Tuileta
GIRLS U13 - July 25th
1st - Brandy Markwith / Teiana Cataldo
2nd - Kiani Tuileta / Clare Anderson
GIRLS U16 - July 18th
1st - Maya Honma / Kelly Mathews
2nd - Faith Maafala / Savana Kahakai
GIRLS U16 - July 25th
1st - Faith Maafala / Savana Kahakai
2nd - Lexis Satele / Angel Savea
Scottie Peros and Kupono Fey defeat Nick Luna and Jon Lum 21-9 26-24 to win the Boys U16 tournament. Pictured top-left (from left to right): Scottie, Kupono, Nick, Jon. In the consolation playoffs Will Stanley and Kelsey Yogi edged Jameson McKibbin and Ke'ala Martinson 30-28. Pictured bottom-left (from left to right): Will, Kelsey, Jameson, Ke'ala.
Complete results of the July 18th Women's Open, Girls U16 and Girls U13 are up. The results of the July 24-25 tournament will be posted shortly.

August 3, 2009 - Tony and Dan win Men's Open
Thanks everyone for coming together on short notice to make this past Sunday's tournament such a competitive event. It was great seeing volleyball played at an elite level by both the wily veterans and young up and comers. Props to ironmen Tony Ching and Dan Fisher for managing to be the last men standing! Complete results of the Men's Open are now up.
July 26, 2009 - Candace Soares and Capri Tirrell win gold!
Congratulations to local team Candace Soares (Mililani) and Capri Tirrell (Kailua) for winning the AAU America's Challenge Girls U18. They edged out Amber Shinzing and Caitlyn Beeler of Orlando Florida in 3 exciting games 19-21, 21-18, 15-12. Both teams had to overcome early morning loses to make it to the final. Also of note, 15 year olds Kelci Renshaw (Kapolei) and Krystal Oyasato (Honolulu) rose to the challenge of competing against the older girls to win bronze.
Complete results of the Girls U18 are now up.

June 1, 2009 - Beach Season Begins
We would like to thank all the women who came out and made OVA's first tournament of 2009 such a fun experience for the girls. Congratulations to winners Jan & Sasha, as well as second place finishers Krista & Jordan.
Complete results of the Women's Draw are now up.
August 11, 2008 - Junior Beach Season Concludes
We would like to thank everyone who came out to the beach this season. Without contributions from the following groups, OVA's beach program would not have been possible. Our volunteers who setup, broke down, refereed, ran the events, and handled the behind the scenes administrative work. Our generous sponsors who donated money, prizes, equipment and refreshments. The parents and coaches who mobilized the kids and got them out to the beach! The results of OVA's Aloha tournament are below.
Coed Open  Tony Ching / Elise Duggins  Evan Silberstein / Dawn Penebacker
Adult/Girl's Draw  Mia Heirakuji / Randy Morris  Mackenzie Feldman / Bert Hayashi
Girls Doubles  Capri / Kianna  Courtney / Perlas
Boys Doubles  Tui Tuileta / Skylan Engleman  Micah Maa / Zarin
Advanced Boys Doubles  Taylor Crabb / Henry Cassiday  Joshua Taylor / Logan Nowack

July 28, 2008 - Chas and Dawn Sweep OVA Season
Chas and Dawn Volleyball fans were treated to a rematch of last month's final between Chas Nobriga and Dawn Penebacker versus Tanya Anderson and Jasmine Ma'afala. Once again Chas and Dawn prevailed in 3 games, this time by a score of 21-16 21-23 15-12. They went undefeated (6-0) to win the tournament and the first place check of $850. The final match was Tanya and Jasmine's only loss of the day. The win gives Chas and Dawn a clean sweep of the OVA season.
Complete results of the Women's Open are now up.

June 23, 2008 - Up and coming youngsters knocking on the door
The next generation of young talent was on display at the beach on Sunday in the two best finals of the year. First, in the women's final, 19 year old Jasmine Ma'afala teamed up with Aunty Tanya to face the #1 team of Chas Nobriga and Dawn Penebacker. Chas and Dawn won in 3 exciting games, 21-16 19-21 15-13. After winning the May tournament, a victory in July would give Chas and Dawn a clean sweep of the OVA season.
Next, in the men's final, Punahou junior Maddison McKibbin partnered with former UH All-American Tony Ching. Their match against beach veterans Alika Williams and Evan Silberstein was as close as it gets (each team won 55 points). Alika and Evan used a combination of guile and experience to overcome the young explosive duo, 23-21 17-21 15-13.
Complete results of the Women's Open and Men's Open are now up.
June 2, 2008 - Big mahalo to all who participated in the AAU Junior's Regional
Congratulations to our winners.
Girls U18 Pihana Kea and Candace Soares
Girls U16 Ali Santi and Misty Maa
Girls U14 Krystal Oyasato and Kelci Renshaw
Boys U18 Taylor Crabb and Erik Shoji
Boys U16 Henry Cassidy and Danny Olson
Boys U14 Tui Tuileta and Skylan Engleman
Men's A  Tony Wetterau and Matt Strong
Women/Girl's Draw Krystal Oyasato and Jan Resuello

May 6, 2008 - 151 games of volleyball packed into 2 days
It takes an army of volunteers to squeeze this much volleyball into a weekend. Thanks to parents (especially David, Pono, and Richard) and the hardworking OVA crew, we were able to complete all 6 divisions. Congratulations to our winners.
Men's Open - Max Clini and Evan Silberstein.
Women's Open - Chas Nobriga and Dawn Penebacker.
Men's A - Joe Bardouche and Joey Rocha.
Girls' Doubles - Ali Santi and Misty Maa.
Junior 4s (Red) - The Flying Hawaiians: Tui Tuileta, Skylan Ingleman, and Micah Maa.
Junior 4s (White) - The Looney Tunes: Shaylah Kagehiro, Joy Kurosawa, Mia Heirakuji, and Sydney Bell.
Complete results of the Men's Open, Women's Open and Men's A are now up.
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2011 Tournament Schedule
May 28 - Boys U18, Girls U18
May 29 - BU14, BU13 3s, GU13 4s, Men
Aug 27 - Duke's 4 Person Draw
2010 Tournament Schedule
Jul 18 - Women's Open, Girls U16, Girls U13
Jul 24 - Men's Open, Boys U16
Jul 25 - Women's Open, Girls U16, Girls U13
Aug 21 - Boys U18, Boys U15, Boys 4s U12
Aug 28 - Duke's 4 Person Draw
Sep 18 - Boys U18, Boys U15
Sep 25 - Boys U13 Draw
Oct 30 - Boys 3s U13 Draw
2009 Tournament Schedule
May 30 - Women's Draw
Jun 20 - Boy's U18
Jul 18 - Women's Draw
Jul 25 - AAU America's Challenge, Boy's U16
Aug 2 - Men's Open
Aug 15 - Boy's King of the Beach
Aug 29 - US Open Qualifier
Sep 12 - Women's Open
2008 Tournament Schedule
Apr 20 - Men's A, Women/Girl's Draw
May 3 - Men's Open, Girls, Junior 4s
May 4 - Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's A
May 31 - AAU Junior's Regional
Jun 1 - Men's A, Women/Girl's Draw
Jun 22 - Men's Open, Women's Open
Jul 26 - Men's Open, Girls, Boys
Jul 27 - Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's A
Aug 9 - Coed Open, Boys
Aug 10 - Girls, Advanced Boys
Aug 23 - Duke's 4 Person Draw
2007 Tournament Schedule
May 19 - Men's Open, Women's Open, Juniors
May 20 - Men's A
Jun 16 - Men's Open, Women's Open, Juniors
Jun 17 - Men's Open, Men's A
Jul 14 - Juniors
Jul 28 - Juniors
Jul 29 - Coed Open
Aug 25 - Duke's 4 Person Draw
Dec 29 - Grass 4s: Men's, Women's, Juniors
Juniors' Free Play
The goal of free play is to provide a friendly low-pressure environment where kids can try out beach doubles. Advanced kids can partner with each other. Experienced adult players will be on hand to partner with kids new to the beach.
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